Kingsbury Animal Hospital

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Disabled Pets  Products for disabled/injured/senior pets:  boots, bedding, cars, slings, etc.   Support site with information, articles, etc. rather than products   Slings, harnesses, protective boots  Custom carts for pets   Also custom carts for pets  Adjustable boots for pets  Bedding, feeders, harnesses, boots, incontinence, ramps, etc.  Protective boots  Protective boots  Orthopedic bedding and bedding accessories, general pet care items  Double harness (front and rear limb) to assist dog standing/walking  Stifle and hock support wraps/neoprene

Support Products for Pets with Special Needs - This company provides items like slings, harnesses, carts and special bedding needs for pets recovering from surgeries, or with chronic disabilities.

K-9 Cart Company - Welcome to the website for the original manufacturer of "K-9 Carts" wheelchairs for mobility impaired pets. These carts were designed by Veterinary Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Lincoln Parkes over 30 years ago.

Dog Leggs - DogLeggs® are an attractive, therapeutic treatment for the calluses, soreness, swelling, lameness and arthritis that cause many dogs to suffer. Your dog's rough calluses become soft and supple. DogLeggs prevent the wearing away of the elbow hair.