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American Animal Hospital Association - "Healthy Practices. Healthier Pets." is the ultimate goal of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Through our diverse mix of high-quality programs and services, we assist veterinary practices in providing the very best in companion animal care. - Do you have questions about animal health, medications, therapies, surgery, behavior, or safety? Did your veterinarian suggest you visit this site to learn more about a health issue concerning your pet? is here to support your veterinarian and you in the care of your companion animals by providing reliable, up to date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world's first and largest online veterinary database and community.

 AKC Museum of the Dog - Whether you're a lifelong resident or just in town for a while, no tour of St. Louis is complete without a trip to the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog. Located in the heart of St. Louis County, the museum is dedicated to the "art, artifacts and literature" of the dog

American Kennel Club - More ways to enjoy your dog !

United Animal Nations - When disaster strikes, people can depend upon the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Red Cross or National Guard for aid and assistance, but who is there to help the animals? 

The Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS)- This organization began filling this void over 15 years ago, responding to wild fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes to care for the animals. When EARS arrives, trained volunteers rescue, shelter, feed, groom, exercise and provide TLC for any displaced companion animals, wildlife and livestock during the duration of a disaster with no charge to the community.  With over 2,000 trained volunteers nationwide, EARS is ready to respond to disasters anywhere in the United States within 24 hours.

The Animal House Fund, Inc. - A private, nonprofit organization raising $4 million in cash and in contributions toward the building of a new, state of the art, environmentally responsible animal care facility. Once funding is secured, the Animal House Fund will construct the new facility and hand the keys over to the City of St. Louis upon completion.

Trudell Medical International (TMI) develops and manufactures pharmaceutical aerosol drug delivery devices for human and animal health application. We supply the pharmaceutical and health care industry with branded and custom aerosol drug delivery devices and solutions to help ease the burden that respiratory challenges can inflict on patients and their caregivers. Medical researchers have come to recognize our technologies for pharmaceutical research and development applications.

  • Veterinary Schools in the US  - This is a great link to all of the websites of veterinary schools in the United States.
  • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - The USDA maintains this website with information on a variety of animal health related topics, including the latest news on such things as Mad Cow Diseases, foot and mouth disease, and many other things.
  • American Veterinary Medical Association - This site is a good starting point to learn more about a variety of topics, including feline injection-site sarcomas and the latest subjects in veterinary medicine
  • American Association of Feline Practitioners - The AAFP is like the American Medical Association for cat doctors, and has lots of good information regarding feline health  

  • The CATalyst Council The CATalyst Council's vision & mission are to ensure all cats are valued & cared for as pets. This will be accomplished by raising the level of care & welfare of cats, supported by the highest quality veterinary care, preventative medicine & cat specific products.