Kingsbury Animal Hospital

420 North Skinker Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63130


We're located at 420 North Skinker Boulevard, half way between Forest Park Parkway and Delmar Avenue, on the east side of the street. We're just south of Kingsbury Ave and just north of the Grace United Methodist Church parking lot. The driveway to our parking area is on the North side of the building. 

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Arriving From the North

As you approach the hospital from the north, you'll see us on your left just past the intersection of Skinker and Kingsbury. The driveway entrance is just past Kingsbury but before you pass our building.

Arriving From the North

Arriving From the South

As you approach our hospital from the south, you'll first see our building on your right. After you pass our building, the driveway entrance will be on the north side, just before you pass Kingsbury Ave.

Kingsbury Animal Hospital, 420 North Skinker, St. Louis Veterinarian, 63102

Convenient Parking

Customer parking is conveniently located by the entrance on the east side of our building. A handicap spot is available if necessary.

Convenient Parking