Kingsbury Animal Hospital

420 North Skinker Blvd.
Saint Louis, MO 63130



End of Life Services

We understand that end-of-life decisions for your pet can be very difficult. We strive to make this process as respectful and thoughtful as possible.  First, we schedule quality of life consultations to discuss options that best fit yours and your pet's needs.  If euthanasia is the best option, we try to perform this service as most convenient for you.  We have a special quiet room where you and your pet can be together.  Your pet will be given a sedative that makes the process pain-free. Afterward, you may stay with your pet as long as you need.  We offer cremation services through Heartland Pet Cremation with the option of ashes return.  

Hospice Services

If hospice care is what fits yours and your pet's needs, we recommend two pet hospice providers:

Lap of Love


Compassionate In-Home Euthanasia